Correspondence Between Hurler and Manager of Local Team Bared; Camozzi May or May Not Play Here This Year.

Press Democrat, Volume XLVI, Number 246, 15 April 1920
With regards to whether Pitcher Camozzi wll play with the Santa Rosa ball team this season Walter H. Nagle, the manager of the team, has Issued the following statement regarding his correspondence and understandings with Camozzi and the efforts of the Petaluma association to secure the pitcher for this season.

On February 26th when baseball talk first started, Pete Maronl Informed me that Camozzi would like to play with Santa Rosa this season, so I Immediately wrote to Camozzi and told him that if he had not signed with any other club we would like to have him play with Santa Rosa this yea.

On March 6th I received a reply from him as follows:
San Mateo, Cal. Match 6th, 1920.
Mr. Walter Nagle,  Sir: ,

Received your letter and thinking It over would like very much to play hall for you this season. Being that I have relatives in the town. I don’t think I would be a stranger. I heard from Mr. Roberts of Petaluma and also Tammy Smith, who says he is going to run the Sebastopol club this year. They both asked me to play with them, but I played with AI Maronl in the City League here and I told him I would play up there If everything is satisfactory. As to my price, Walt, I leave It up to you to name it and figure It without expenses. I am not wanting all the money in the world, if you let mo know I will give you my answer, yes or no. Thanking you very much.     Yours very truly. E. J. CAMOZZI.

After receiving the above letter I conferred with the Directors of the local baseball association as to the amount we would offer Camozzi and then got him on the phone and told him what we would pay him each Sunday. He stated that the amount offered was more than satisfactory and that we could count on him playing with Santa Rosa this year. I then announced through the press that Camozzi would play with Santa Rosa this season, which was pleasing news to the fans.

Shortly afterwards the Petaluma papers stated that he would play’ in Petaluma, but I did not pay any attention to this rumor. A few days later I received a very nasty letter from the secretary of the Petaluma Merchants Baseball Association, accusing me of trying to buy’ Camozzi from them. This letter stated that I knew Camozzi would play with Petaluma again this season and that that kind of work would not do the game any good. The letter ended by say ing that Camozzi would play with Petaluma after the game with Salt Lake. This letter was signed by Harry Harding, secretary, and a reply was requested. I ignored that letter entirely, as Camozzi had informed me that he wanted to play In Santa Rosa. Then when Stilt Lake played here I asked Camozzi if he intended to play here or in Petaluma, as Tammy Smith and others insisted that he would pitch for Petaluma. I told him that I wanted to know definitely one way or another as I had applications from several pitchers, and if he intended to play with Petaluma I wanted to know it. so I could secure someone else. He informed me that I could count on him for Santa Rosa and he also told one of the directors the same thing, so we felt confident that he would lie with us, although we have repeatedly heard that Petaluma had offered him $30.00 a game and that he would play there this season.

I wrote him more than a week ago, stating that we were depending on him for the opening game next Sunday but did not hear from him so I sent him a night letter Monday asking If he would be here. Yesterday morning I received a wire saving: “Will not be up Sunday,” and in the afternoon mail a letter as follows:

“I don’t think I will he up Sunday, so try and get some one, l am in no condition to play, for I am using only one leg at present. \Vas playing In the City League yesterday, but could not get around. I might be all right by Sunday and yet I might not, so it is best to get some one. Yours truly, E. J. CAMOZZI.”

I am still giving him the benefit of the doubt but from the rumors that are In the air he probably means to play in Petaluma. I will guarantee to have a good man in the box Sunday, but simply wanted to let the public know just what had happened In this case. WALTER H. NAGLE, Mgr.