The San Mateo Blues Were One of the Best Semipro Teams in Northern California.

Fitzgerald Era

After a career in the Majors and the PCL Justin Fitzgerald returned to San Mateo and managed the Blues. It was an era when the Blues were annually regarded as one of the best teams in Northern California.

Gene Camozzi

The bulk of the research at Baseball Blues centers on on player, “Genial” Gene Camozzi. In the Blues’ heyday it was Gene Camozzi who usually was on the mound.

Bay Meadows Blues

For a few years the Blues were sponsored by the Bay Meadows Racetrack. Many professionals played on this winter league team at Central Park during a time when the San Mateo Blues were dormant.

Paul Thiebaut Era

The Blues longevity into the late 1960 can be largely attributed to Paul Thiebaut. Paul managed the Blues in the 1950’s and 60’s.

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The Baseball Blues research project seems like a never ending endeavor. There’s always something new to discover.


San Mateo Native Son’s

Justin Fitzgerald


Tom Casey


Bill Lawrence


Emmett O'Neill



Baseball Blues

Many Great Baseball Players Played for the Blues